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Court docket clerk claims felony case expungement from top of advertising campaign priorities

Oklahoma County Court Clerk Rick Warren suggests on his campaign site that he’s searching for a full term within office because this individual wants to help his / her friends expunge crime and misdemeanor expenses from their criminal record. In two cases Warren cited, he claims both equally men were charged with felonies which were later dismissed. In a instance, a man currently in his 60s has been applying for a job however a background check revealed an assault in addition to battery charge submitted when the man was a teenager. Warren furthermore claims on his website that another close friend wanted to obtain a pistol permit but was denied because of a lawbreaker charge that in his record. “If I could be court docket clerk I thought to be able to myself I could support some of these people, ” he said on a campaign website recording of a digital voice recorder http://patch.com/washington/woodinville/free-background-check-online-guide-how-to-search-all-public-and-criminal-arrest-records. However , court man or women don’t have the specialist to expunge costs from a person’s criminal convictions. Criminal convictions can only be deleted by way of a court order granted by a district determine. “Why would this individual say he is running towards help people clean up all their criminal records? Doesn’t this individual know that is absolutely not within the power of a clerk and likely illegal? My spouse and i wonder what information he intends to wash up, ” said Linda Amick Dodson, who is challenging Warren for the court clerk’s seat in the Sept. 23 primary runoff. Warren was outside Thursday and inaccessible for comment in regards to the expungement issue spectacular controversial background. Criminal arrest record Warren experienced his own brushes having law enforcement dating back into the 1970s. Most notable has been an arrest regarding aggravated assault along with intent to destroy in 1974, in accordance with records obtained from often the Oklahoma State Agency of Investigation. The situation was worked by Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office. However , readily available court records do not demonstrate disposition of the case. Warren also faced different criminal cases in the 1970s, including two individual arrests on huge larceny complaints more than three decades ago and again within 1976. The 72 case was researched by the Oklahoma City Law enforcement Department and the 1976 case was dealt with by the Oklahoma Region Sheriff’s Office, in accordance with the OSBI record. Throughout 1979, Warren confronted a misdemeanor rowdy conduct complaint within Midwest City. Nevertheless , that case had been dismissed, the OSBI records show. Several years later, he was arrested on a burglary grievance by Oklahoma City police. Warren’s experience free government background check with the judicial system did not stop there. With June 2001, women identified in court records as Balynda Nited kingdom. Brewster sought the victim’s protective get against Warren. Some sort of judge granted a temporary protective order next to Warren, but the women was denied any permanent VPO, court public records show.